Social Media & Blog Content, Done.

It’s really that simple

Want social media off your plate? Last blog update 2016… 😬  In just 15 minutes we will work out exactly what you need, leaving you to get Business Done!

You won’t believe how much is included!

Let’s Get Straight to the Point


They make out everything is super hard, that all your posts will go viral because somehow they’re “the best”.
I mean if you hired someone to make and print a leaflet you’d just use your local printer right? This is the same.

I don’t profess to make you magical social media posts or pretend I’m slogging away posting everything myself when I’m really using special tools that just get stuff done.

Most businesses don’t need anything special, they just need something that works, looks good and gets customers who purchase onboard. You just need to do one thing… book that free 15 minute call!

What will you get?

We want to give you the best start, but you need to understand that our approach isn’t for everyone.
We post to reinforce other marketing channels… social media is BRANDING to us. It’s about visability, projecting professionalism and not letting the tail (social) wag the dog (holisitc marketing planning).

We do it ALL

We source the images, make the templates and come up with the content. It is hands free, leaving you to get Business DONE!


We’re not deluded here… we don’t promise a post that will go viral. We just serve up beautiful, professional, CONSISTENT posts.

Recycling that PAYS OFF

Content that makes Business owners feel Content… Our posts are EVERGREEN – pay once share AGAIN & AGAIN!

They're LOOKING too

We forget that our business network is also looking at our posts, last post May 2020… it looks sloppy… project your best side.

Listen, you know you can do better with social media. You can serve timely interesting posts that get traction. That’s not the issue… the issue is that you don’t do that CONSISTENTLY! (and hey, I’m just as bad for my own business so it’s not just you!)

We fill that VOID. When your business needs you to be hands on and your good intentions go out the window… that post from 4 months ago is shared again like magic and your clients & business partners think you’re a bloody super star… because lets face it, they didn’t actually see the post when it was orginally shared (thanks Mark Zuckerburg 🙄).

How Are We Different?

Straight Forward

You want to look more professional on socials, we do that quickly and efficiently. It’s pretty much the same as getting a leaflet designed. We’ve got a template for most occupations, it really is that simple!

You can trust us

As an experienced Marketing Manager and  Business Owner (yeah in addition to this one), you can trust Vikki to make the best plan for your budget, no decisions required, she’ll just do what’s right.

We Care

We want you to succeed and look professional, but most of all we want you to have more downtime. Evenings & Weekends are not for business posts, they’re for Netflix & Chill. 😉

Vikki took on our new Website & Socials with little input from me. She has a great feel for branding and knew exactly how to project our friendly ethos to our customers. I’m so happy to get my weekends back!

Louise Havelock – Mortgage Advisor, Business Owner & Weekend Hiker –

How can we do this so cheaply?

I know we’re dishing out cheap social media marketing but rest assured you’re not dealing a newbie, Vikki has been working in marketing for over 15 years! Still you must be wondering how we do it… so here’s the deal…

The reason our prices are so reasonable is because we have a property portfolio paying the bills. We also use amazing freelancers from around the world which help with overheads.

Finally, Vikki has systemised this business meaning it’s not a whole lot of work for us to get a website live for you. (You should speak to her about what else she can systemise for you!)

Need more convincing?

Here are a few of our clients.



4 Month Social Content Plan

  • 12 posts per month
  • Image Curation – custom filter
  • Caption Content
  • Compliance Sign-off
  • Post Recycling
  • Seasonal Post Pack



12 Month Full Content Plan

  • 12 posts per month
  • Photo Curation – custom filter
  • Caption Content
  • Video Reel x2
  • Swipe Tip Post
  • 500 word Blog post x2
  • Post Recycling
  • Seasonal Post Pack



3 Month Social & Blog Content Plan

  • 12 posts per month
  • Photo Curation – custom filters
  • Caption Content
  • 500 word Blog post x2