We Do the set up, so you can

Get Business Done!

We’ve been there, done that, sold it and now we’re focused on helping other business owners systemise their marketing efforts so the can get Business Done.

Award Winning Business Owners!

Business Done is managed and owned by husband and wife team, Shaun & Vikki Baptie.  We’ve launched, grown, and sold our own businesses  so we know how difficult it can be trying to manage marketing, sales and quotes when you’re trying to run a business at the same time.

All our services are made to be as automated as possible, with little input required to keep them running. We offer staff training with all our setups and we can either keep them updated for you for a monthly fee or hire a Virtual Assistant for you.

Don’t have time to brief an agency?

No worries, that’s what we’re here for.

We want to be clear from the start, we’re not a bepsoke marketing agency. We don’t give you loads of options or ask for a breif. We give you a project run down based on what we think your company needs are. Not for you? No hard feelings, we simply pass you on to one of our partner agencies who may be able to help.

Brand Design & Strategy

Creation of a branding kit is important to ensure all your design elements remain focused and professional.

Social Media Management

Consitancy is key when it comes to creating trust. Auto posting makes this a breeze. 

Business Systems

Setting up your customers on your new (free) online bookkeeping software, to helping with quotes and regular business processes.  

Web Design

Grab attention with a stunning website in your new branding. Easy to update so you always look fresh!


Images & text for your website & social media posts are all included, just a quick questionnaire to get started.

Functional Requirements

Have a bigger project in mind? We can put together the functional requirements and get quotes from vetted tech companies.

And don’t worry, you’re not bugging us by asking for advice. Just get in touch, we’ll get back to you asap.

Our Clients

Here are a few websites that we have built recently. We know the challenges of running a customer facing business.  You can trust us when we say there’s no theory here just time tested practice.


Laura came to us looking for a clean and easy to use website update. As well as integrating her booking form we improved the structure of her website to enabling her to rank naturally for local searches.

“Since our update we have launched a new treatment room and our practice is going from strength to strength. Vikki & Shaun are great, so responsive and helpful. “

Laura Tilson

Osteopath and owner of LT Osteo


Business Done created a full launch pack for Dazzle Bingo. Of course this was because it was our business wink We’ve now sold Dazzle and our other bingo sites, but the new owner loves all the automated marketing functionality we have added.

“Vikki is one of the most educated online experts that I’ve ever come across. Her entrepenurial spirit and positive energy is extremely refreshing! Highly recommend getting in touch, thanks for everything Vikki!”

Kevin McGinnigle

Online Bingo Specialist


Daily Moment is a meditation, gratitude and visualisation routine for your smart speaker. We created full branding and a social media schedule, as well as developing the Alexa and Google voice app and accompanying e-commerce shop.

“Daily Moment was my way of testing out the new voice app trend. We’ve already got a number of regular users on Google Home Hub and Amazon Echo devices.  Give it a go if you need a little focus in the morning. “

Vikki Baptie (yep this one is ours)

Founder of Daily Moment App